Eminent Domain

Acquisition and Condemnation Attorneys

Negotiation, Litigation, and Appeals in Eminent Domain Proceedings

Few issues evoke such strong opposition as the taking of private lands for public use. Yet, it is use of land by the public that contributes to a strong city, state and nation, as governments ensure that infrastructure is available to support a strong economy and quality of life. Acquiring properties and moving forward while minimizing the risk of litigation requires astute legal representation.

At Kennedy & Graven, Chartered, our attorneys strive to put clients on a solid legal footing in this complex and evolving field of law. Our attorneys advise condemning authorities throughout Minnesota in acquisition of real estate by agreement and through the use of eminent domain. We represent parties before condemnation commissioners, in district court, and on appeal. We also work with title companies, professional appraisers, relocation specialists, surveyors, environmental experts, local officials, and other professionals in coordinating the acquisition effort.

Our lawyers routinely handle condemnation matters for a range of local government units including: cities, housing and redevelopment authorities, economic development authorities, and port authorities.

Our firm has many years of experience in handling complex condemnation issues. We provide counsel, negotiation, and litigation services regarding:

  • Public purpose challenges to eminent domain takings
  • Quick take challenges
  • Petitions for inverse condemnation
  • Development cost approach claims
  • Severance claims
  • Going concern claims
  • Authority to condemn property in bankruptcy
  • Relocation claims
  • Leasehold interest claims
  • Fixture value claims
  • Valuation of contaminated property
  • Valuation of development rights
  • Mitigation to diminish damages
  • Application of local ordinances
  • Interpretation of state laws and federal regulations
  • Compliance with state and federal funding requirements
  • Coordination of takings involving numerous parcels and parties, fee takings, easements, and other interests

We maintain close association with state legislators to advocate for the interests of public entities in condemnation and economic redevelopment, and stay abreast of all legislative and judicial developments to provide our clients with up-to-date legal counsel.

Kennedy & Graven, Chartered is a leader in local government law, a focus dating back to 1958. We serve as general counsel and special counsel to dozens of governmental bodies throughout Minnesota and beyond. For more information about our services in eminent domain and condemnation issues, contact our Minneapolis office at 612-337-9300 or contact our attorneys directly:

Josh P. Devaney
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